*第三季*【EP. 77】#364 經濟學人新聞評論【拜登的振興方案:一兆九千億美元、經濟合作暨發展組織 (OECD)、日本經濟、資本支出 vs. 家庭支出、巴黎氣候協定、美國氣候問題特使 (John Kerry)、聯合國氣候變化大會 (COP)】

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🔴Wednesday March 10th 2021 🔵2021年3月10日星期三 1️⃣President Biden’s stimulus package: a shake for all 美國總統拜登的振興方案:全球經濟成長也被帶動 Joe Biden’s stimulus package will add about one percentage point to global economic growth in 2021, according to the OECD. It will boost America’s growth rate even more; the OECD revised its forecast upward, from 3.2% to 6.5%. The $1.9trn measure has passed both chambers of Congress. Mr Biden is expected to sign it into law this week. 根據經濟合作暨發展組織 (OECD) 的數據,美國總統拜登 (Joe Biden) 的振興方案將在 2021年為全球經濟成長增加約一個百分點,而對美國國內的經濟成長將更高。OECD 將其預測值從 3.2%上調至 6.5%。這項一兆九千億美元的方案已經通過了 (美國) 國會兩院,而拜登預計將在本週將其簽署成為法律。 2️⃣Japan’s GDP growth revised: not surprising though 日本的 GDP 成長下修:不意外 Japan’s GDP growth in the last three months of 2020 was revised down from 12.7%, at an annualised rate, to 11.7%. Firms spent less than expected; contributions to GDP from capital spending and private inventories were lowered. Separately, household spending fell by 6.1% in January year-on-year, as business hours were curtailed and shoppers stayed at home to reduce the spread of covid-19. 日本在 2020年最後三個月 (即第四季) 的 GDP (Gross Domestic Product,國內生產總值) 成長從年率的 12.7%下調至 11.7%。企業的支出少於預期;資本支出以及家庭支出對 GDP 的貢獻也降低了。另外,由於營業時間縮短以及消費者/購物人/菜籃族 (被要求) 待在家裡以減少新冠病毒的傳播,日本家庭的支出在 (今年) 一月同比下降了 6.1%。 3️⃣An American in Paris: climate diplomacy 辣個在巴黎的美國男人:氣候外交 Five years and three months after the Paris climate agreement was adopted, John Kerry today returns to the city in his new role as Joe Biden’s climate envoy. As Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Mr Kerry negotiated the deal at the COP21 UN summit. In London on Monday, he met Alok Sharma, the president of this year’s COP26, scheduled for November in Glasgow. He also met European commissioners in Brussels yesterday. The purpose of Mr Kerry’s tour, the State Department says, is to “strengthen global climate ambition” ahead of both COP26 and a meeting of world leaders that President Biden will convene on Earth Day, April 22nd. That is a worthy goal, considering that most countries’ plans fall far short of the Paris agreement’s goals. But the trip is also probably an attempt to resuscitate the image of American climate leadership, eroded by the Trump administration and America’s erratic policies at home. 在《巴黎氣候協定》生效的五年三個月後,凱瑞 (John Kerry) 今天以拜登政府「氣候問題特使」這個新身份回到了巴黎。凱瑞曾在歐巴馬時期擔任國務卿,並出席了第二十一屆聯合國氣候變化大會 (COP21) 以參與此 (巴黎氣候) 協定的談判。在週一,凱瑞會晤了預計在今年 11月,於英國格拉斯哥 (Glasgow,蘇格蘭最大城) 舉行的第二十六屆聯合國氣候變化大會 (COP26) 之輪值主席 Alok Sharma。在昨天,他亦在布魯塞爾與歐盟執委會執委碰面。據 (美國) 國務院指出,凱瑞此行的目的為:在 COP26 與美國總統拜登於 (今年) 4月22日的世界地球日召開全球領袖會議之前,「強化全球 (因應) 氣候 (變遷) 的野心」。有鑒於大多數的國家仍遠不及《巴黎氣候協定》所設的目標,因此這樣的期許非常值得讚賞。不過呢,這次出訪也可能是試圖恢復美國在氣候議題上,受到川普政府以及美國國內不穩定的政策而侵蝕之領導者形象。

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