*第四季*【EP. 106】#410 看經濟學人學英文 feat. 經濟學人新聞評論【(美國) 俄亥俄州 (Ohio)、高爾夫球、北美原住民、轉型正義 (Transitional Justice)、每日單字精選】

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🔴Monday April 19th 2021 🔵2021年4月19日星期一 🔱Espresso - Today’s agenda 每日濃縮 - 今日頭條 😠⛳️😠Fighting over the fore-fathers: Ohio’s golfing dispute 先烈爭奪戰:美國俄亥俄州的高爾夫糾紛 The Moundbuilders Country Club in Newark, Ohio boasts a unique golf course. The 18 holes are positioned among a series of mounds, which can make certain shots almost blind. First developed in 1911, the course offers a “feeling of adventure” according to a keen reviewer in 1930. In fact, these mounds are a 2000-year-old Native American site known as the Octagon Earthworks, which were built in exact symmetry to measure the movement of the moon. The state’s historical society now wants to take over the site. But the club isn’t playing ball. The society has offered $1.7m to buy out the lease; the club wants $12m. The dispute has made its way to the state’s Supreme Court, which will determine whether the society has the right to buy back the lease in the next few weeks. First arguments were heard on Tuesday. Golfers and preservationists alike face a nail-biting wait for its ruling. 美國俄亥俄州 (Ohio) 的紐瓦克 (Newark) 一直以「堆土人鄉村俱樂部 (Moundbuilders Country Club)」這樣一座獨一無二的高爾夫球場為傲。這個 18洞的標準球場因座落於一系列的土墩之上,而得以讓選手們幾乎盲打便入洞。根據 1930年時,一位 (熱衷於歷史研究的) 評論家之說法,該球場最初開發於 1911年,並提供 (球友)「冒險的感覺」。實際上,這些土墩具有兩千年的歷史,是被稱為「八角土城 (Octagon Earthworks)」的北美原住民遺址,而其最初是為了測量月球的運動而建造之完全對稱建築。俄州的歷史學會現在希望能接管該地,但是該俱樂部並沒有合作的意願。(歷史) 學會提供了 170萬美元來買斷租約,但俱樂部則要求 1,200萬美元。雙方的爭論已進入俄州最高法院,而其將決定歷史學會是否有權在接下來的幾週內購回租約。(本) 週二將舉行首輪辯論。高爾夫球友們以及文史保護團員們都苦等著判決。 ⚜️Daily takeaway⚜️ 每日單字精選 ✅Unique (adj.): 獨特的 (形) ✅According to (prep.): 根據、依據 (介) ✅Symmetry (n.): 對稱 (名) ✅Historical (adj.): 歷史的 (形) ✅Determine (v.): 決定 (動) ✅Argument (n.): 論點 (名) ✅Ruling (n.): 判決 (名) — ✔︎ 按讚【每日一經濟學人】Facebook 粉專: ✔︎ 追蹤【每日一經濟學人】Instagram 帳號: ✔︎ 訂閱【每日一經濟學人】YouTube 頻道: ✔︎ 閱讀【每日一經濟學人】Medium 平台: — 🔶如有商業合作或業務需求,請洽 🔴如影音內容有誤,歡迎來信勘誤

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