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SES, a supplier of lithium metal batteries for electric vehicles, will merge Ivanhoe Capital’s acquisition of the company through the SPAC process, and go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Hon Hai announced its participation in SES (Solid Energy Systems) lithium metal high energy density battery company PIPE (post-listing private equity investment) Capital increase case, expecting to cooperate with next-generation batteries through core technology and equity investment

Hon Hai has made waves in the battery layout. In addition to inviting battery-related companies to participate in the MIH alliance, this year Hon Hai also participated in the Shuohe private equity case through its subsidiary Hongyang Ventures, subscribed for 8,000, and obtained 10.54% of the shares of Shuohe to develop power battery negative electrodes after the capital increase. Materials, this time they subscribed for SES equity.

Hon Hai said that through the cooperation between the two parties, Hon Hai will cooperate with SES in the next-generation battery to jointly develop high-energy-density automotive batteries. Hon Hai will have the opportunity to launch long-range electric vehicles simultaneously with first-tier car manufacturers. It is understood that SES has signed a contract with Hyundai Motor in May this year to jointly develop high-density lithium metal batteries for Hyundai's electric vehicle A-Sample. In March this year, it also signed a similar development agreement with GM, Honda, BMW, SAIC and Kia. Are also partners

Tesla is also in development? SES claims that it can develop 400 Wh/kg high-density batteries

SES said that it has been able to develop and provide 400 Wh/kg energy density battery cells, which can be quickly charged up to 80% within 15 minutes. Follow-up efforts must commercialize this invention. (Editor’s note: Tesla’s current battery density is 247Wh/kg. It is announced in 2020 that it will develop a 400 Wh/kg high-density super battery three to four years later, showing that SES is consistent with Tesla’s battery research and development goals.)

Hon Hai participated in the capital increase of SES (Solid Energy Systems) lithium metal high energy density battery company PIPE. The official stated that it will develop next-generation batteries through core technology and capital and equity cooperation. This investment is in line with the group's key technology strategy for electric vehicles. Further investment information will be released in accordance with regulations after the relevant procedures are confirmed




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電動汽車鋰金屬電池供應商SES將透過SPAC程序,合併艾芬豪資本收購公司,在紐約交易所上市,鴻海宣布參與SES(Solid Energy Systems)鋰金屬高能量密度電池公司PIPE(上市後私募投資)增資案,期望透過核心技術與股權投資,合作次世代電池

鴻海在電池佈局上一波波,除邀請電池相關業者參加MIH聯盟,今年鴻海也透過子公司鴻揚創投參與碩禾私募案,認購 8000 張,取得碩禾增資後10.54% 股權發展動力電池負極材料,此次又出手認購SES股權。


特斯拉也研發中?SES宣稱已可開發400 Wh/kg高密度電池

SES表示,目前已能開發提供400 Wh/kg能量密度電池芯,在15分鐘內可快充達80%,後續努力要讓這個發明商業化。(編按:特斯拉目前電池密度247Wh/kg,2020年宣布3~4年後目標開發出400 Wh/kg高密度超級電池,顯示SES與特斯拉電池研發目標一致。)

鴻海參與SES(Solid Energy Systems)鋰金屬高能量密度電池公司PIPE增資案,官方表示,將透過核心技術以及資金股權的合作,發展次世代電池,此投資符合集團佈局電動車關鍵技術策略。進一步投資訊息,將待相關程序確定後,依規定發布

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