73.Learning How to Serve Your Community Publicly and Secretly with Kat Brendel

Female Entrepreneur Me 女創業家與我 | with Irene Yu
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Today we are so glad to introduce Kat Brendel to our show. Kat grew up and lived in multiple different countries. She was once a journalist and then turned to Head of Marketing at a startup in Berlin, and eventually co-founded a Womxn only co-working space in Berlin. She was frustrated with what she had seen at work, so she started her podcast Leading Rebel and now she even has a secret podcast show that you cannot find online to listen to. Want to know more? Here are the interview questions: Do we talk about How did she start the "Leading Rebel" podcast? Why did she choose to have a secret / non-public podcast group? What has changed about the podcast industry because of the pandemic? What are the main struggles for Womxn podcasters in your community? All the links are on the blog post here. Irene is a Podcast host and an online Business Coach who wants to help Female Entrepreneurs build purposeful life and business. Website: Clubhouse @itsireneyu Apply for 1:1 Coaching: Instagram: Check out our Podcast in Mandarin Youtube: About Kat Brendel websit:

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