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>>>Click Here to Join Our Self Development Campaign Now<<< We've all been in a situation where we wake up fairly early in the morning and give Motivational Speech ourselves today is the day I'm finally going to start working and so we get to the table and our surprise we feel fairly motivated twenty minutes past forty minutes pass and then you just kind of look over to your slide and you see your phone I've just got a notification so I've just messaged me and you think to yourself you know should I have a peek and not have a peek it's probably not harming and so you become the phone and you have a look that peak turns into a scroll scroll turns into a conversation and by the end of that, you find yourself on your bed watching Netflix series for the rest of the day not having done the thing that you set out to do this is unfortunately a situation was all too familiar with well we say we're going to complete a the specific task with the firm belief that it will happen only to find that without realizing we've already lost the battle before even starting and I'm not gonna sit here and say you know that I've never fall into this but I've also experienced the opposite I never told you a bit about that so we're going back to my second year at university I decided to study biomedical science because I didn't get into medical school the first time and I had this opportunity get the necessary grades during those second-year exams, out have the opportunity to get into medical the school I'll be offered one of 20 places whoo about 200 people were competing for so let me paint you the picture I was told by some of the older students that I was about to have some of the hardest exams within the biomedical science course it was also July so it was hot to say the least it was also Ramadan so I was fasting from sunrise to sunset with no food and water within the daylight hours and in terms of work I had a hundred and ten lectures to memorize fifteen essays to write that could potentially to come up and also memorize and so I had to do something and what I did kind of even shocked me to be honest during those four weeks of exam revision I entered into a total absolute state of immersion into the work I was doing I was working from about 5:00 p.m. to around 11:00 a.m. and sleep after that I'd usually only take breaks to eat or to drink or for the odd YouTube video really and my phone was the least of my concerns the number of times I checked my phone in a given day I can count in one hand and I've entered into this type of immersive stay a few times one is when I'm editing these types of videos where I can sit down for about 10 hours just editing straight but also just recently about five weeks ago where I was studying for my final medical school exams and I was studying for combined 8 to 10 hours a day and by the the way this is for someone who before starting University couldn't even sit down for 20 minutes just to do some work in high school so I'm not saying that --- Support this podcast:

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