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*建議用耳機收聽* *這集錄製當時新手上路音質還很差,請見諒🥺 (Sorry for the bad recording sound in the trailer and ep1 I was so fresh here, strongly suggest you use earphones. It’s getting better in the next episodes I promise ) 第一季第一集出來了! 👉🏽一天到晚被問怪問題就飽了? 👉🏽「孩子」布農語是uvaz,泰雅語是laqi。布農泛音合唱叫做Pasibutbut 👉🏽散文詩就是散文詩!不是散文集,不是散文也不是詩嗷嗷~~ 👉🏽文化挪用,某知名服飾品牌被告 新聞來源 👉🏽當年加拿大原民寄宿學校的駭人事實 新聞來源 片頭音樂來自:牧庫恩「事情會好轉的」 但願我們的眼淚陪你到更好的地方。 👩‍💻👨‍💻 You can contact me on👩‍💻👨‍💻 📧 : Instagram: bununeveryday Facebook:每天來點布農語啊!mapasnava Bunun saikin 贊助連結 原創族語貼圖購買👇🏽 Talking about indigenous culture and the well-known music heritage of Bunun tribe called "pasibutbut".Giving her point of view about how cultural appropriation happened. Calling for transitional justice to indigenous people, rethink the mistakes in history after reading the sad stories from the residential school in Canada.

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