Being stabbed from behind. The interview between the judge and the director of the cert

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being stabbed from behind. The interview between the judge and the director of the cert In Feb 2017, a medical provider in Uruguay got hacked. The attacker stole a bunch of patient records and then used that to conduct extortion on the provider. They said they’d release the records of everyone with HIV unless they get $60,000 worth of bitcoin. The medical provider worked with the police to catch and arrest Alberto Hill, a 41 year old Uruguayan. Alberto had a ton of hacker paraphernalia and electronic devices at his house. The story is covered in 40 minutes in this great podcast: This podcast tells small portions of the story that were not mentioned in the podcast, or were mentioned and here I give more details about each one of them. It is a very long story, that has everything.....! Inspired on idea. Real hacking content. Hackers are humans so the stories include hacking, love, death, corruption and everything you can imagine and things you cannot imagine.  This podcast is produced by the first hacker to serve time in prison in #Uruguay for a computer-related crime. RESOURCES DARKNETDIARIES PODCAST OPERACIÓN BITCOINS: Login to HELL (English and Spanish Editions) OSINTME.COM Admin Admin, Part 1: From responsible disclosure to a prison cell Admin Admin, Part 2: The case against Alberto Admin Admin, Part 3: The aftermath of Operation Bitcoins OPERACIÓN BITCOINS: DEL INFIERNO A LA RESURRECCIÓN (Spanish) MYHACKERTECH.COM MY TALK DURING THE CHAOS RC3 CONFERENCE (DECEMBER 2020) MOONBOOKS PUBLISHING DIGITAL FORENSICS MAGAZINE ISSUE 38 DIGITAL FORENSICS MAGAZINE ISSUE 39 35C3 ALBERTO’S STORY OF HACKING, LOVE, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE AND PRISON YOUTUBE VIDEOS ABOUT THE CASE LA HISTORIA DEL PRIMER HACKER PROCESADO CON PRISIÓN EN URUGUAY (Spanish) ALL THE AUDIO FILES WITH THE INTERVIEWS FOR THE RADIO CAN BE FOUND HERE: ALBERTO DANIEL HILL --- Send in a voice message:

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