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Grandpa Bill revisits archival interview with Trina Felber Primal Life Organics CEO we Talk  Led_=then and NOW-V3 Real White Teeth Whitening System-Talking Your Dirty Mouth with Trina Felber Let’s face it: Your teeth are one of the most prominent, most visible, and most telling areas of your appearance—and the one people tend to notice FIRST before anything else… why not whiten their appearance and gain the confidence to smile bigger! We took the pain out of teeth whitening! Witness the whiteness of your bright smile and feel your confidence soar! Now is your chance to impress your dentist, boss, significant other, and friends.  Finally, you can be your own whitening dental hygienist! Our natural V3 Real White Teeth Whitening System will have you smiling more with bright white teeth and fresh breath! MORE INFO INGREDIENTS WHAT'S INCLUDED VIDEO DEMONSTRATION DIRECTIONS PRECAUTIONS TESTIMONIALS FAQSNow who would have thought those two go hand in hand? U.S News discusses that a study was done at New York University by researchers who performed 14 studies of more than 34,000 older adults including nearly 4,700 with diminished cognitive functions. It has been found that adults who experience tooth loss had a 1.48 times higher risk of developing impaired thinking AND a 1.28 times higher risk of dementia. Unfortunately, the more teeth lost leads to greater risk of impaired thinking. Each additional tooth lost gives a 1.4% greater risk of thinking impairment and a 1.1% greater risk of dementia diagnosis. The co-director of Aging Incubator at New York University, Bei Wu, states after the research “our findings underscore the importance of maintaining good oral health and its role in helping to preserve cognitive function.” Here at Primal Life Organic, we want to help ensure your oral and mental health is in sharp shape. you with all of the essential dental products to maintain a healthy oral microbiome, and keep you from suffering from tooth loss. No matter your age, make the switch to natural dental care that is both effective and protective. --- Send in a voice message:

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