Getting To Know Can Tho, Vietnam And The Mekong River Delta Part II

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Can Tho, like many cities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia has a few areas where you'll find activity at night-it usually revolves around eating. Near the waterfront and night market featured in this episode and around De Tham Street, nicknamed "food street" by locals where a series of restaurants serve everything from hot pot to seafood, and vegetarian. Your hotel can give you directions, just ask them where's food street? I stumbled onto Com Chay An Lac, a hole in the wall vegetarian restaurant that serves ultra fresh and cheap Vietnamese vegetarian food. Big bowls of noodles with imitation bbq pork,(bean curd), springs rolls and other tasty guilt free food for less than a buck. Join me in Can Tho as I explore and chat with some of the live viewers on varying topics from street food safety to trekking in Nepal and an impromptu interview with a friendly French tourist. Write A Review For The Podcast: Subscribe To The Video Podcast: Support Far East Adventure Travel with a small donation of $5, $10, $20, or + to help fund podcasting and travel

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