Walking Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's World-Famous Jalan Alor Food Street

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For me Singapore and Malaysia were my first introduction to the amazing food experience of dining outdoors in Southeast Asia. Many years later the Jalan Alor food street of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is still one of my favorite places to dine. I've been lucky enough to have experienced the food and dining options of many cities and towns across Southeast Asia. Each one offers it's own unique food and charming experience whether it's sitting on tiny plastic chairs in the old quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam or enjoying the cheap vegetarian buffet in the night market of Luang Prabang, Laos while gazing at the Royal Palace's Temple at night. Jalan Alor is also one of the food centers I've visited the most having used KL as a gateway to Southeast Asia for several years. So I'm admittedly a little biased as well, but I've also never had a bad or even mediocre dining experience there. The restaurants have never let me down on Jalan Alor. The food is always consistently satisfying and being a seafood lover the options are almost limitless. My last meal consisted of grilled stingray, with a wonderful chili dipping sauce and deep-fried squid coated in a batter laced with squid eggs, it was so rich! I hope you enjoy this two part visit to one of my favorite places to eat in Southeast Asia, Jalan Alor-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Help others discover the Far East Adventure Travel podcast! Write a review Become a sponsor of Far East Adventure Travel and gain access to exclusive content!http://Visit:

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