Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan-A Walk Through It's Famous Temple Of The Cupid

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No Rating Far East Adventure Travel relies on support from listener's like you. Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel for as little as $1/month. Visit my Patreon page to check out the offers now! Qixi Festival is Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan, China, and wherever there is a large ethnic Chinese community. There are also versions of it in Korea and Japan. If you want to find out more visit: . It's such a lovely but bittersweet story and inspiring enough to send young women and men to Taipei, Taiwan's famous Xia Hai Temple, or City God Temple to pray to it's Cupid God for a future husband or wife. It's especially busy during the Qixi Festival, which falls every year on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. Like it's western counterpart, February 14th's Valentine's Day, it's been commericalized by sweets and chocolate companies, florists, hotels/resorts and restaurants. Join me for a visit to this famous "Temple Of The Cupid" in Taipei, which is also famous for having the highest densities of Gods in all of Taiwan's 13,000 temples. Help others discover Far East Adventure Travel! Take a moment to write a review:

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