Cherry Blossom Update From Kyoto, Japan With Kyoto Expert Niall Gibson

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Always a pleasure to talk to expat Niall Gibson who is a Kyoto travel expert and the founder of Kyoto Fun and Kyoto VIP! Niall gives us a 2019 update on the cherry blossom season from one of the top travel destinations in the world-Kyoto, Japan! Sakura, or cherry blossom season is the busiest time to visit Kyoto so Nialls give us his strategies on how to get the most out of season and some alternative places to stay as well as some alternative times to visit Kyoto. The best places to view the cherry blossoms, best place to have a picnic for hanami, cherry blossom appreciation and the best way to get around the city during the busy time. Thanks so much for listening! You can find out more about travel tips, and tour packages by visiting: or Help support the podcast by becoming a patron! Patrons help support production and travel costs while gaining access to exclusive content with a monthly pledge starting at $2/month. Visit my Patreon page to find out more: Help others discover the podcast by writing a positive review in the iTunes Store:

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