Shanghai, China Travel Tips/Food/Nightlife/Sites/The Bund With Travelblogger Bruno Black

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Shanghai, China is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. Loaded with atmosphere, amazing food, shopping and entertainment it's really hard to make a decision on what to do or where to eat because of the vast choices. I invited Travelblogger Bruno Black to help share his advice on what to do and where to eat as he is a frequent traveller to Shanghai. In the first in a series of episodes on Shanghai travel Bruno shares with us his favorite places and dishes, some of his favorite places to stay and enjoy the atmosphere of The Bund, the famous promenade of Shanghai as well as some helpful tips like using mobile payments, getting around on the MRT and safety advice. Thanks so much for listening! If you want to see more of Bruno Black's work and get in touch with him you can do so using these links. Website: Facebook: Youtube:

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