Saigon, Vietnam-When The S*** Hits The Fan, The Adventure Begins

Far East Travels Podcast
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Yves Chouinard, the founder of the Patagonia adventure gear and clothing company once said the adventure doesn't begin until the s*** hits the fan. In this episode I share some of my misadventures or mishaps that uncomfortable or a little terrifying at the time, made the trip much more interesting to share. Unfortunately with the advent of Instagram and other platforms too many people gauge the expectations of their trip on someone else's experience rather than going in without any preconceived expectations. This can be fatal to ultimately enjoying your own experience. If you'd like to share your experience of a trip that went sideways but made for a great adventure send it to me at either or to my Instagram account johnsaboesfareastravels. You can support the podcast by becoming a patron! Visit my Patreon page to find out more: Help others discover the podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store:

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