Lonely Planet's Top 10 Friendliest Cities-Vancouver #1-Really?

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Having lived in Vancouver most of my life I have lots of great memories and for sometime I couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else, so I have no ill or bad feelings about the place. But I was very surprised to see Vancouver listed as the number 1 most friendliest city in the world on Lonely Planet's Top 10 Friendliest Cities list. Especially when I saw that Taipei, Taiwan placed number 4 considering it's the only other place I've lived long term.Knowing the way locals react to foreigners that visit Taipei compared with Vancouver is quite different. I discuss this in the episode. I was delighted to see that another one of my favorite cities in Asia made the top 10 list and came in at number 2-Kuala Lumpur. In this episode I also include some of my favorite Asian destinations that didn't make the Lonely Planet list but are certainly on my list of friendly cities or destinations. Thanks for listening and sharing! You can support the podcast by becoming a patron! Patrons get access to exclusive content and at certain pledge levels also can listen to private podcasts. Follow the link in the show notes to find out more! Help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store:

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