Vegan Friendly Cities-PETA Asia's Top 10 Cities-Asia Review

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Full disclosure, I'm not 100% vegan, maybe 85%, which I suppose would infuriate some people because veganism seems to be just as much if not more of a cause than just a diet preference. Choosing to be vegan because you are concerned about the treatment of animals and the health of our planet are absolutely worthy choices to change your diet but I believe it's also OK just to be doing it for you and your own personal health. So you don't have to be "vegan" to try vegan food and enjoy vegan food. If you're not vegetarian or vegan next time you're in one of these cities in Asia go vegan for a few meals. I especially enjoy trying traditional local dishes that are vegan or have been adapted with plant-based ingredients. The desserts are amazing too! I'm blown away by the quality of vegan food restaurants in most of the cities that are on the list, that I've visited. With a minimum pledge of $5/month you can support the Far East Travels Podcast and get access to private episodes. Visit here to sign up: Help others discover the podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store: Recommended Restaurants:

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