Phom Penh, Cambodia-Wandering It's Iconic Central Market

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The Central Market is definitely one of my top sites to see in Phnom Penh. Personally while staying in the capital on most days I'll find myself here even for just a half-hour. It's buzzing with activity most of the day and the streets surrounding the market are also worthy of exploring. The dome area is impressive but unless you're interested in checking out gemstones, gold, and jewellry it soons gets boring. The perimeter of the market is my favorite area as this includes the wet market, food stalls, and some places where you can get some pretty good bargains on clothes, if you're willing to pick through the piles that are there. It can be like a treasure hunt though. On my last visit an eager stall owner and her assistant found me 3 pairs of name brand pants, I'm tall so not easy, for $27USD. You can buy some local snacks to take away and there is plenty of fruit, although you might save a little money buying from a smaller more locals only market. Thanks so much for listening. Got a travel tip or story to share? Send me an email to! Help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store: Support the podcast and get exclusive access to private episodes:

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