Self-Catering/Shopping In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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In this episode I want to cover off some suggestions and tips for traveling, especially for extended periods of time with some self-catering tips. I prefer to self-cater my breakfasts if I'm not staying in a hotel or guesthouse that offers breakfast. It's the one meal where i can feel like I'm at home or in my own place. It's also a time-saver for me. I'm eating out two meals a day so having one in my room gives me time to catch up on the news or events across Asia, as well as some online work. If I'm in a place where I particularly enjoy the local style breakfasts like the wonderful noodles or laksa noodles of Malaysia/Borneo, roti canai in any restoran in Kuala Lumpur, or India where I can have veg. curry with puri bread then I'll go out for breakfast more often. It also saves alot of money if you prefer a Western style breakfast like bread with jam, peanut butter, or cereals. Also in this episode I cover off general shopping tips for bargain clothes. Thanks so much for listening! Support the podcast by becoming a patron: Help others discover the podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store:

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