Coronavirus Update/Timely Travel Tips For Southeast Asia

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The worldwide death toll for the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is now at over 1,000. Certainly this virus should be a serious concern for those in areas where it's widespread like in Hubei Province, China. For those traveling in other parts of Asia taking normal precautions like washing your hands regularly, not touching your face with your hands, using a hand santizer should help prevent you from catching any flu. Not all countries have prevented Chinese citizens from visiting but out of fear many are just not traveling at this time. Vietnam has now stopped issuing tourist visas to Chinese nationals but many other countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia are still allowing entry. Also no Western country at this time has advised their citizens not to travel to anywhere outside of China due to the virus. So if you're up for it traveling through Southeast Asia at this time will be almost the equivalent of traveling during the slow season or rainy season, with great rates on hotels and less crowds at major sites. I'm of course sensitive to the people suffering through what can be a terrifying experience but because of the widespread fear of this virus many are hurting in the tourism industry and won't have a chance to make up for it. Thanks for listening! Support the podcast by becoming a patron! Visit my Patreon page to find out more: Get in touch with me on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter-Far East Travels. Send me an

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