Taiwan/East Asia COVID-19 Update with Travelblogger Bruno Black In Taipei

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More on the ground COVID-19 updates from Asia! In this episode travelblogger and frequent contributor to the Far East Travels Podcast Bruno Black gives us an update from Taipei on the COVID-19 situation. According to Bruno Taiwan had learned alot from it's experience dealing with the SARS crisis of 2002/03 and has implemented many strategies in order to deal with the current COVID-19 or coronavirus crisis. Culturally Taiwan is similiar to Japan in that the general population is used to wearing masks, keeping their hands clean and generally knows how to behave in order stop the spread of germs or viruses. Keep your hands clean is especially important during any flu season and in Taiwan this is very easy with public restrooms located in shopping malls, train and MRT stations, even in most temples. Also of note Taiwan has suffered one death directly related to the COVID-19. It's first fatality from the virus was recorded on February 16, 2020-a 61 year-old man with underlying health problems but no recent overseas travel. If you do have travel plans to Taiwan keep in mind you cannot arrive from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Korea at this time. It is advisable as well to bring a supply of masks with you as currently the control of sales is being administered by the government. Thanks so much for listening! Find out more about Bruno and travel in Taiwan: Bruno on Facebook: Taiwan In English/Facebook: Help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast: Support the podcast with your montly pledge:

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