Vietnam/Southeast Asia COVID-19 Update-All Arrivals From Korea Now Quarantined

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Bringing you the latest from East Asia and Southeast Asia on the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. All flights from Korea will now be quarantined and as of March 5 all Vietnam Airlines scheduled flights from Korea to Vietnam are cancelled. Unless Korea is your home or you must be there for business you should change your travel plans. Even if you are transiting through Korea there are some countries now including Vietnam that will not allow you in unless you are willing to be quarantined for 14 days. This will unfortunately have a substantial impact on Vietnam with Korea being it's number one foreign investor and a Korea expat population of over 200,000. Other countries will most likely follow Vietnam and in fact now similiar restrictions apply if you are arriving in Taiwan from Korea. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and turn on notifications on your preferrred podcast app for the latest updates. Help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store: Support the podcast by becoming a patron: You can also make a single donation to the podcast here:

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