Bangkok, Thailand COVID-19 Update With @DaveinOsaka

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DaveinOsaka is a live-streamer on Periscope/Twitter and often shares his travel experiences and daily life from Osaka, Japan where he is an English Professor. Dave is a frequent guest on the podcast and in this episode I've asked him to share his experience of visiting Bangkok during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dave shares with us everything from what it's like to visit the normally crowded shopping malls, tourist sites and public transportation. For those that have plans to visit Thailand soon, please check with your country's travel advisory and or the Thai Embassy website as the government has now discontinued visa free and visa on arrival for at least 18 countries. Expect a visit to a special building set-up for screening for the virus in Don Meung Airport in Bangkok as well as thermal detectors at many public areas. Follow DaveinOsaka on Periscope: Twitter: One time donations: Become a patron: Help others discover the podcast-write a review:

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