Phuket, Thailand Opening Up For Tourism? Pandemic Travel Update

Far East Travels Podcast
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Will Phuket be opening up to select international travelers October 1st? That's the question, actually there are several things regarding the "Phuket Model" that haven't been cleared up one of which is will it actually open up at all, let alone October 1st. There are lots of stipulations regarding travel to Phuket that can only best be cleared up by checking with your local Thai Embassy or Consulate. Maldives is also open to travelers, the question is will you have issues getting there or leaving even if you can secure flights. I really feel for these countries, particularily the people that rely on tourism to put food on the table. But it remains to be seen if anyone can open up their doors to tourism while keeping their population safe. Thanks for listening! I always love to hear from listeners so please feel free to connect with me on Instagram,(johnsaboesfareasttravels). Facebook-Far East Travels Podcast, Far East Travels, John Saboe Official. Or send me an <a href=""></a>.

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