Why Planning Future Travel Right Now Is So Important To Your Mental Health

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I was recently inspired by two articles published this year by National Geographic and The Washington Post on why it's so important for our mental health to continue making travel plans during this pandemic. I have suffered the same state as everyone else who is used to making travel plans. Why bother, when we don't know when we'll be able to travel freely? The simple reason is it helps us move forward, think positive thoughts, and helps prevent a hopeless feeling. Much more on this in the podcast. There are lots of places to get inspiration from whether it's movies, YouTube videos, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, and there's never been a more flexible time to make travel plans knowing that almost all airlines and hotels will issue you a complete refund if you cancel. Love to get your feedback on this topic. Follow up with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Thanks Rebecca Lem for your recent review in the iTunes Store! You can help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store: Support the podcast by becoming a patron:

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