Experience/Exploring The Tet Lunar New Year Market in Saigon/Cho Lon, Vietnam

Far East Travels Podcast
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In this episode more sounds and atmosphere direct from the Binh Tay Market, District 6&5, and the giant Tet Lunar New Year Market. One of the most colorful times of year has to be the lead up to the Tet Holiday, Vietnam's most important celebration. Colorful ornamental artificial flower displays and decorations splash with color and spill out onto the street as vendors wave in potential customers as they drive by on their motorbikes. Tet is centered around the family gathering or reunion when many Vietnamese leave the big cities like Saigon for their hometown and the New Year's Eve dinner. Many symbols and rituals play an important part in helping to get the New Year off to a good start. Hope you're enjoying these episodes. Support the podcast by writing a review: Support the podcast with a monthly pledge:

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