More About The Tet Festival from The Tet Festival Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Join me from one of a few Tet Festival Markets taking place in Saigon, Vietnam. This one from District 1's Le Van Tam Park. In the episode I talk about how unless you are visiting relatives here I would advise not traveling to Vietnam during the Tet Festival. Reasons like transporation challenges, competing with millions of Vietnamese for plane, train, and bus tickets is one of the biggest ones. I forgot to mention in the podcast that many restaurants shut down during the festival so if you were coming to Vietnam to explore food this would make it difficult. Before the festival, which takes place every year sometime usually within the first six weeks of the regular new year would be a good time or even a week after the festival, as many events are still taking place. Thanks again for listening! Support the podcast with a monthly pledge: Write a review:

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