China Beach(My Khe Beach)-Da Nang, Vietnam's Beaches

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In this episode I'm coming to you from a little patch of sand on T20 Beach in Da Nang, Vietnam. In normal times on a Friday late afternoon I would probably be seeing many tourists on this beach that had just arrived from different cities in Vietnam, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Due to the pandemic it appears many of these luxury resorts sit quiet waiting for things to open up again. The American Forces dubbed this whole strip of coastline from Son Tra(Monkey Mountain), south to Hoi An, "China Beach" during the Vietnam War. It was an R&R retreat for armed forces stationed throughout the region. The 95th Evacuation Hospital was used as the basis for the fictional 510th Evacuation Hospital in the ABC Television Network series China Beach that aired between 1988-91. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia with something for everyone. If you want a quiet spot or if you want to join a volleyball match or surf that's available to you as well as just observing the life of fisherman on Man Thai Beach at the Northern end of this piece of coastline. Thanks so much for listening! Check out my latest YouTube Video: Subscribe to John Saboe 360VR Travel: Support the Podcast: Write a Review in the iTunes Store:

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