Retire in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand? Which one is best for you?

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In this episode I talk about the current requirements for obtaining a retirement visa in the following countries, outside of a pandemic situation, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and also cover off how people have been able to retire in Vietnam without a retirement visa. Currently it is not possible to utitilize any of these programs with the exception of Thailand. I can stress enough how important it is not only to see if your budget fits to a lifestyle you would be comfortable with in any of these countries but also to give yourself enough time living in the country to see if culturally it's the right fit. So many people enter into retirement in these countries without giving alot of thought to whether they can accept a different way of life. There are some cities that have more conveniences and rules within certain districts that are more foreigner friendly like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, to name a couple. If you choose to live in a smaller town this may not be the case. Please consult with the many agents online that can help you with detailed answers to your qurestions regarding visas, healthcare, and other things. Thanks again for listening and your kind support! Become a patron with a monthly pledge: Feeling generous?: Write a review in Apple Podcasts:

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