Expat Conversations-From Ho Chi Minh City Inspiration From Animation Studio Producer Mark Arinsberg

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Because of the recent lockdowns it's been easy to track down some expats and talk about what is living abroad really like. In this episode I speak with American Expat Mark Arinsberg about what life has been like since he moved to Ho Chi Minh City in early 2020. Mark is a super positive guy with a message that will certainly inspire people to pack up and move their life somewhere else, his preference is Vietnam and Saigon! Unlike many foreigners that are native English speakers Mark did not have any intentions of following that career path, although he admits there were times where he did pick up some work teaching kids English in between gigs. People who are also interested in finding out a little bit more about job options will find this episode interesting. Check out Mark's podcast Citizen 44 here: Support the Far East Travels Podcast: Make A Donation:

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