Thailand To Reopen All Borders In 120 Days, Phuket And Bali July 1st

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Probably the most ambition announcement of reopening to international tourism in Southeast Asia was made by Thai Prime Minister Prayut this week when he said Thailand will reopen all of it's borders in 120 days. The Phuket "Sandbox" opening for July 1st is still set to go and Bali has confirmed it will open July 1st but to limited tourists, mainly Chinese. For the rest of Southeast Asia and East Asia it seems it could be months away from any reopening of tourism. Cambodia is starting to look at possibly opening up Siem Reap before the end of the year but no plans have been made final yet. As places like Taiwan and Japan at this time have not set any dates for reopening while they struggle to contain the pandemic. Thanks again for your support! Donations: Monthly Pledges(Patreon)- Write A Review:

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