Okinawa, Japan Sand, Surf, Sun, Food, Fun Revisiting 2018

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I made a short visit to Okinawa in 2018, specifically Nha where I spent most of the 3 days I was there. It was enough to make me want to go back and explore this fascinating place that's considered the Hawaii of Japan. I've met many Japanese that actually have never visited any of the islands. It's not exactly a short flight from Tokyo, but if you're in Taiwan, it's the perfect excuse to take the 90 minute flight from Taipei To Naha. Of course there are flights from most major cities in Japan and East Asia. I would be more inclined to go in the warmer months maybe summer late fall, although this would be typhoon season as well so be prepared. The islands and outdoor and water sports including snorkeling, diving, and ocean floor walking, sound amazing. You actually don't have to wander to far to reach some of the islands by ferry from Naha City. Try to catch some live music while you're there as well, To me Okinawan folk music is super soulful, I wouldn't want to miss a chance to see it live next time. The Kokusai Dori, International Street, is alot of fun. Check out the souvenir shop with the giant shark. The food is amazing, one of my favorite dishes was a risotto made with squid and it's black ink. Don't forget the sea grapes, and stir-fried bitter melon. Thanks again for your support! Write A Review: Become a patron: Donations:

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