天啊!有人想授權謝伯伯的內容耶。 Licensing TUX content is (never) easy, if you ask the TUX (uncles) team

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TUX program was contacted by a recruiting job site to license TUX content for their college grads looking for job. This project was led by Ariel, Hanna, and Oliver. When it comes to licensing content, naturally, TUX uncles know exactly how to make things complicated. For example, what are the exact wording for licensing? What portion of content will be licensed. What better way to learn if TUX uncles makes a pickle of things.

TUX team also likes to thank Lalisa who both appeared as a guest in the episode on her experience with taking the AZ vaccine and subsequently joined the team as an advisor who both supported the production process and appeared as a guest host. Similarly, much gratitude goes to the music composer for Season 3, 阿賢 (Josh), who brought a new style of our music selection.

Members of TUX production team also share their experiences for Season 3. Hanna really likes the episode where Bry tried to switch a keyboard during his military duty. (

Lalisa enjoys how Tzuchien and TUX uncles systematically explored the world of wine. And, the discussion of wine expensive vs. wine memorable brings a new dimension to her wine experience. (

Oliver thinks the discussion on how to survive as a new recruit in a company would be helpful when the right time comes. (

And, yes, next episode starts our new season. TUX team looks forward to having you back for Season 4!

Image sources:
- personal archives of Bry, Lalisa, and Tzuchien


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