Grandpa Bills Grunts & Groans-How to Improve the Depth and Quality of Sleep

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Discover Safe Natural Sleep-surprisingly uncommon insights into how your body works to gain and maintain health, a quality diet, food combining tips, recipes, and more! Solutions for Better Sleep, Reduced Snoring, and Less Getting Up in the Middle of the Night Quality sleep is is central to overall health, especially when it comes to your immune system. The depth and quality of your sleep is directly dependent on well functioning adrenal & pineal glands, however, to accomplish this the entire endocrine system needs to be upgraded (due to hormonal interdependence). Melatonin supplementation is NOT recommended for insomnia, other than during brief periods during extreme episodes, as this will slowly atrophy the pineal gland that normally makes melatonin for the purpose of deep REM sleep. Melatonin can also cause excessively low blood pressure for some. Dependency on melatonin can be a side effect as a result of regular use. Pharmaceuticals come with a host of side effects as well, and may require a gradual withdrawal while repairing the true underlying causes of insomnia. Instead of dependency on prop medications or hormone replacement supplements (like melatonin), it is wiser to simply restore normal body functions in the body that regulate the sleep-wake cycles. The solution begins with restoring power to your entire endocrine system, thereby improving normal hormone production top to bottom, so as to improve sleep quality (along with many other biological advantages). Rebuilding endocrine function is the subject of a prior article, 8 Ways to Build Adrenal (and General Hormonal) Powers, serving as the foundation to quality sleep, so, to take this subject to the next level a few key points can be made to insure greater progress toward making the most of your night time rejuvenation periods. In addition to the restoration of hormonal production, what follows are a few nighttime suggestions to accent your ability to achieve a deeper rest and enjoy a full night of sleep uninterrupted. Ormalite Water can be made at home and sipped just before bed and again in the middle of the night if woken up.More about our Circadian Clock next episode! Contributing factors leading to insomnia will also have to be addressed. Some of these may include: nutrient deficiencies resulting in hormonal and neurotransmitter non or dysregulation over-acidity, toxicity, and kidney strain resulting in frequent urination electrolyte imbalances swollen sinuses and mucus congestion electronic influences disrupting sleep patterns worry and life stress resulting in constant cortisol imbalances and an active brain Fall asleep without struggle Experience wonderful, peaceful, dreamy relaxation Wake up feeling healed, with boundless energy Be in a great mood & energetic all day long Watch your work & personal lives improve That’s why over 3/4  of a million people have joined the CTFO movement in the last 3 years! Who's next? Lead Capture 1: CTFO Company Tour - All Products --- Send in a voice message:

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