Jeevan Ki Kahani Meri Zubani
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The story is about a boy who is married and dictated by his wife in positive approach.The boy is very much influenced by his In - Laws,the boy got fever and forced to admit in hospital.The story reveals the issue raised by hospital for advance money even at the cost of patient's life.Nowadays it is social evil.The Music copyright is rest with original composers and singer/Artists.The music bits are used for entertainment and not for commercial gain.The flute is taken from Faud Hassan youtube Played by Dushyant kapoor.The song Jalebi is sung by Ramashish in Popular Bhojpuri programme sur sangam.The quwali Jhoom Barabar is sung by ZAHID NAZAN INDIVPOP MUSIC CHANNEL YOUTUBE.The Bhajan is from Bhajan India channel. Disclaimer:The characters are imigenative and story is fiction.No intention to disfame or ruin image either leaving or dead if any resemblance is finds in story.

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