RAMLEELA "रामलीला"

Jeevan Ki Kahani Meri Zubani
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The Ramleela is one of the greatest emotional story of Premchand Ji ,the story is satire on respect given to person according to postition hold by a person.The character played Ram is student and he takes part in RamLeela to earn money to meet his study expenses.During the days of Ramleela he was worshiped by all devotees but after Ramleela Ramchander (boy)left alone to reach his home without money .Premchand helped him as true freind even During Ramleela days his friend playing Rama showed ego and attitude.On the board of the story people and organiser spent money on dance of" Tavayaf" but did not bothered about Ram. The politician and soceity do respect the rising Sun.

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