[Adoptee] #58 Challenging My Identities Constantly as A Korean Adoptee w/ Mitchell Stone

Chai with Ping | Immigrants | Cultures | Minority Issues
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Mitchell was adopted from South Korea to Colorado, U.S. He and his four siblings were all adopted. He constantly battles with questions about his own history and identities. However, he also comes to a recognition to accept his circumstances. | Contact Mitchell IG @mitchellyongsoo or on FB by Mitchell Stone | Adoption Agency: Eastern Society Welfare Services in South Korea | Heritage Camps  Adoptive Families |  📝Some Takeaways ➡️ Being around people that don't look like you, you have to learn to adapt and understand what they think.  ➡️ It's a constant theme, there are not defining moments. Adoptees can feel alone in a lot of ways. ➡️ The life you do have answers more questions. There's a limit to your curiosity and it's better to accept that there are so many things you don't know. And it's ok.    ➡️ Families can help the adoptees to answer questions or talk about things that they're curious about.  ➡️ One should listen first before they speak especially about the things that they're not experiencing. 🎧 Chai with Ping x 香料茶時間 Podcasts 👍 IG & FB @chaiwithping 📧 #adoptees #Asianadoptees #Koreanadoptees #adoptivefamilies #racialidentities #heritagecamps #AsianAmericans #crosscultural #minorityissues #personalstories #underrepresentedissues #livedexperiences #移民播客 #immigrantpodcast #chaiwithping #香料茶時間  #dialgues #對話 --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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