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Granpa Bill Today talks about Workouts for Geriatrics, AKA Silver Streakers-my health and wellness program. Also Grandpa Bil revisits The BH Sales Advocacy Program and Healthy Meal Bag also.  Shared  by BH Sales Kennel Kelp Adahs Animal Products-Advocacy Program ADVOCATE! CELEBRATE! BH Sales 50/25  Virtual Vouchers-Free Merchandise Rewards for Action-You Can't keep quiet about our CTFO Products, or our Unique Ala Cart Direct to The Manufacturer Program You Get Rewarded Grandpa Bill and our Team  Likes it That Way! I am inviting you one and all to join ouradvocate ranks.Share what you love about our products, and WHY, by introducing them to a new person. I want to inspire you to get on the horn to your cousin, sister, brother , mother ,father, any and ALL family members, friends, business associates, fellow pet lovers one and All. Entice a neighbor , your doctor, your veterinarian, your kennel owner, breeder, animal supporter, charitable organization COMMUNITY By doing so ,you'll double your iown impact in the community and in the MARKETPLACE. Your friend  will discover the potential power in their consumer Advocacy Power Animals & Humans alike will will gain a new supporter to Promote Good Health in ALL Animals their People Plants and The Planet! More details  at this show today. Thanks for Joining us Lead Capture 1: CTFO Company Tour - All Products Send this page to an Organization to have them enroll in the fundraising program. --- Send in a voice message:

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