E3 | (國語) 英國陸軍起床會裝可愛?Sorry, it's my 'boo-boo'? 無敵的binomial, 學起來

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你知道英國陸軍起床會說Wakey-wakey, rise and shine嗎?你知道學校教我們的英文很多都不口語,老外以為你在唸詩?這集分享超過30個實用有趣的binomial,讓你英語瞬間母語感很重! Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! 1.more or less Example: In Britain, every household drinks tea, more or less.;We’ve got more or less 300 students this year enrolling at the college . 2.back and forth Example: The report deadline is 10 p.m.; as usual James rushes back and forth to the loo in the library because he is such a procrastinator. 3. do’s and don’ts Example: before we boarded the plane, the skydiving instructor explained the do’s and don’ts to us. 4. take it or leave it Example: That’s the lowest price we can accept. Take it or leave it. 5. pros and cons Example: Can we get serious for a moment? How could we have signed the deal without evaluating the product’s pros and cons? 上面這五個用法的共通點就是結合相反字意來表達新的意思。 下面是用意思相近的字,讓語意更鮮明。 1.plain and simple Example: It is bribery, plain and simple. 2. pure and simple Example: Brexit is the end result, pure and simple. 3. sick and tired Example: Mary is sick and tired of her neighbour’s partying all night upstairs. She can hardly sleep at night. 4. safe and sound Example: ‘Come back home safe and sound’, said the wife to the husband, who was about to head to the battlefield. 5. neat and tidy Example: Despite no one is watching, Thompson still keeps his room neat and tidy. 頭韻法: 在英文文學中,有種技巧是將多個字的字首音重覆。 1.tried and tested Example: The masks donated by Taiwan are tried and tested in comparison with many offerings online. 2. now or never Example: Do what you are passionate about. It’s now or never. 3. mix and match Example: Dianna looks extraordinarily edgy by mixing and matching clothes from different styles whereas Benson simply puts on black-and-white suit. What a bore. 4. dilly-dally Example: Don’t dilly and dally. We must run now. The train is leaving in 10 mins! 5. done and dusted Example: it’s too late to apologise. It’s done and dusted. Sorry, um, This 3-year long project was finally done and dusted. What a process! Fancy a pint or 2 to celebrate it? 6. bread and butter Example: Teaching English is my bread and butter. By the way, I also like bread with butter. who doesn’t? 7. short and sweet Example: Keep your presentation short and sweet. And skip all the mumbo jumbo. 8. chit-chat Example: Did you talk to their CEO just now? Not much, just chitchat. 押韻法 1. the nitty-gritty Example: Your product sounds excellent but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty - how long is its warranty? 2. super-duper Example: Their menu is super-duper. That’s why Michelin awarded them 3 stars. 3. mumbo jumbo Example: This contract is 30-page long with all the mumbo jumbo. It could have been shortened to ten. 4. tittle-tattle Example: Hey, it’s all hearsay. Stay away from tittle-tattle! 5. easy-peasy Example: That’s a piece of cake. Easy-peasy. 6. arty-farty Example: You see those pretentious arty-farty people? They have no idea what art really is. 7. bigwig Example:Bigwigs nowadays no longer wear wigs, be it big or small. 8. rise and shine Wakey-wakey, rise and shine~ 9. wear and tear Example: You cannot just lock your Louis Vuitton bag in the wardrobe forever simply because you’re afraid of wear and tear. 10. walkie-talkie Example: It’s rather common to see walkie-talkie being used in big restaurants in Taiwan. 疊字 1. again and again Example: She’s told you again and again there is no hope for making it up. Forget about her. The world is your oyster. 2. all in all Example: We have constantly had inbound confirmed cases of Covid-19. All in all, it’s still fairly safe to go about lives as normal. 3. no-no Example: All right, from now on, it’s a no-no to use your mobile at the dinner table! It’s a courtesy to others. 4. boo-boo mistake Example: Damn, my apologies, it’s my boo-boo. I hope she’s not too upset about it. 5. Wakey-wakey Example: Wakey-wakey, what lovely weather!

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