E6 | (商務) Email 按“送出”前,你需要注意的事 / collaborate together?/ convince≠persuade?

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寫英文Email要注意什麼:從常見的tone調確立,到用字遣詞是否精確,按“送出”前你需注意的事,都在此集!可在臉書社團與IG找到本集重點內容。 Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! -practise (動) /practice(名);美式只有practice -different to (英式); different than(美式; different from(兩者) -presently ≠ now fill in(英)/ fill out(美) -at the weekend(英)/on the weekend(美) -effect ≠ affect -everyday ≠ every day -may be ≠ maybe -continual ≠ continuous -imply暗示 vs infer 推論: -convince ≠ persuade -advise (動); advice (名): a piece of advice comprise = be comprised of= consist of = is made up of =be composed of Tautology: repeat again collaborate together return back final conclusion short summary in my opinion, I think…. 5 p.m. in the afternoon give away freebies shout aloud fall down PIN (personal identification number) number Style: invitation (my preferred use) vs invite pre-planned, pre-order (plan & order已經表達了完整意思了,多了pre-很多餘) 英式正式結尾敬詞 Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Sir or Madam 接Yours faithfully; Dear Mr XX or Ms OO 接 Yours sincerely American:Sincerely, 跟 Sincerely yours 不管開頭是否有名字。

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