E53 | (English) 一個加拿大記者在北車被一群菲律賓移工包圍,訴說被雇主剝削、騷擾、虐待 / Joe Henley關心人權、社會、環境與地下樂團 / 他比喻苗栗移工禁外出令如舊時南非的種族隔離

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六月初在苗栗的無差別外籍移工禁足令在台灣的外籍人士圈掀起波瀾,來自加拿大的Joe Henley是個作家,也是地下重金屬與龐克的歌手,長年對若是與人權相當關心的他在去年出版了Migrante一書,啟發自他某次在台北車站遇到一群菲律賓移工,聽聞各種不堪、被社會漠視的對外籍移工不公不義剝削對待,他決心以小說形式將故事述說,以第三文化角度同理心切入,立刻收聽! Joe Henley個人網站 → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Earlier this June, in Miaoli, the local government put a ban on migrant workers' freedom of movement, causing a torrential anger amidst foreign community in Taiwan and little of that amongst Taiwanese. From Canada, Joe Henley is an author and a vocalist of underground metal and punk. He has long been involved in reporting human rights issues -- last year his latest book, Migrante, was published in English, which was inspired by his encounter with a group of Filipino caregivers at Taipei Main station, listening to their vivid account of being exploited, harassed, abused, etc. by their household in Taiwan. He was then determined to write it out through novel, through his third-cultural lens. Tune in at once!

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