E60 | (國語) 富含情感,兼具美學,陳珮盈是LGBTQ+的成員,亦有台灣與英國影視產學業的經歷,他在英國的作品Solitude邀請到51屆新進演員金鐘獎得主連俞涵飾演性工作者 / 致力在臺灣打造更好的影視工作環境

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還記得Excuse英國腔! E50專訪英國舉重冠軍Mia嗎?他令人振奮的紀錄片就是出自於在英國時期的珮盈導演,他曾在台灣影視圈工作六年,前往英國修讀電影電視導演碩士徹底改變了他看待產業的視角,回到台灣成立影遇影像製作有限公司的他,期許能以不同思維文化建立團隊,拍出多元身份認同的作品,探索更多不同可能。他也精通戲劇、廣告、人物形象與紀錄片。更多細節,立即收聽! 珮盈官網 → 電影Solitude預告片; IG: LGBTQ_solitude → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → From E50, did you remember I interviewed Mia, the medallist of England Weight Lifting Grand Prix 2019? Her awe-inspiring documentary was filmed by Pei-ying, the film director. Pei-ying had worked in filming industry for 6 years before embarking on her MA Directing Film and Television, Bournemouth University which has entirely reshaped her perspective on the industry she's long been in. Back home after her completion of the study, she continued to open her company in Taiwan in the hope that she could build a different team with a different mindset, producing more diverse works with varying identities -- ultimately exploring more possibilities. She also specialises in drama, advertising, promotional video of the individual and documentary. To learn more, tune in and check the Facebook group! 🎞️珮盈推薦 LGBTQ+ 電影 Ammonite 莫愛 Directed by Francis Lee → Carol 因為愛你 Directed by Todd Haynes → *訪談中討論到的Male Gaze (LGBTQ+電影) 藍色是最溫暖的顏色(Blue is The Warmest Colour), directed by Abdellatif Kechiche → Female Director in Hollywood 趙婷 電影 遊牧人生 Nomadland → Guardian 報導: Record number of big Hollywood films had female directors in 2020 →

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