E64 | (English) Excuse英國腔藉聲音遨遊世界,而來自英國的Dave Trax用雙腳走出一部部台灣的紀錄片,他紀錄他的冒險奇遇,佐以充分的研究,他是YouTube系列紀錄片Guanxi for Trax的主持

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攤開地圖,旋轉硬幣後落在太平洋,踏上連線最近距離的國家:台灣,對英國人Dave Trax,這是他決定gap year要去哪國的方式;追颱風、開吉普進叢林、踏上無人島、以無人機追逐高速的準退役火車,他有少見的探險家精神,骨子裡多了份教育的目的,在YouTube上,他與團隊精心製作數支有深度的台灣尋奇紀錄片,以英語主持,搭配漢語字幕;本集我也問他很多假設性問題,跟著 Excuse英國腔!聽聽他對台灣心底的想法,你可能會發現,原來當地人不見得最了解當地! GuanXi Taiwan關係台灣YouTube → GuanXi Taiwan關係台灣FB → 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! He spun a coin over a map to decide where to fly in the UK. And two weeks later, he ended up in Kaohsiung for gap year. This chap is Dave Trax and he is the host of GuanXi for Trax, a series of documentary about the lesser known Taiwan. Chasing typhoon, driving a jeep into the jungle, landing on a no-man island, controlling a drone to chase-shoot a would-retire train type, that spirit of exploration appears as if his innate quality, with a purpose for education. On YouTube, he and his team have been devoted to producing in-depth documentaries of rarely visited sites of Taiwan. He hosts in English with Mandarin subtitle. Over this episode, I also asked him some hypothetical questions, getting to know what are in his mind. You might discover that being locally bred doesn't make you as local as you might have thought!

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