E68 | (English) 你曾在荷槍實彈的特勤人員戒護下料理食物嗎? 曾操刀為兩布希、瑪丹娜與滾石唱團下廚,來自伯明翰的世界名廚Nigel在新竹南寮漁港提供英國原汁原味的炸魚薯條 / 他用廚藝走出貧困家境,在全球多處用料理征服最挑嘴的饕客,選在台灣發揚英式料理!

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上一集Excuse英國腔! 來到倫敦市中心品嚐英式炸魚薯條🐟,對於在台灣的朋友,別灰心,就在新竹南療魚港,有世界級的英國名廚Nigel Shute👨‍🍳,來自伯明翰的他曾在全球多處如英國、加拿大、香港、新加坡、馬來西亞、日本與台灣等大大小小的飯店與餐廳以當地食材與多國美食撼動人心,也有難得經驗為已故美國前總統老布希下廚及前總統小布希,確保食物安全無虞的過程,他在本集鉅細彌遺道來,非常精彩,本集也邀請神秘嘉賓Excuse英國腔!的E24加拿大作者John Groot親自走訪Hooked on Fish and Chips,與聽眾分享他為何推薦親自到此吃英式炸魚薯條!一起收聽~ Hooked on Fish and Chips的FB → 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! In the last episode, E67, we came to central London to savour British fish and chips. But for people in Taiwan, never worry: right at Nanliau Seaport Harbour, Hsinchu, we've got a world-class British chef, Nigel Shute, from Birmingham, who has ever worked in the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan, etc. at both luxury hotels and premium restaurants with local ingredients and multi-national cuisines to touch gastronomes' hearts. He also had a chance to cook for late president of the US, George H.W. Bush and former president, George W. Bush. He vividly recalled for us how he prepared food for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion, with secret agents guarding with guns and food being sent to laboratory for ensuring safety. Thrilling stories from this ace chef! Together in this episode, my distinguished guest of E24 is also invited for sharing his testimony on his trip to Hooked on Fish and Chips in detail. When is the best time to go there and what to order? Tune in at once, why not?

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