E32 | (English)想讓前TONI&GUY倫敦時裝週髮型造型師的Nicola弄頭髮嗎 / 擁有多年國際經驗的她在台北開放預約囉

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Nicola來自英格蘭中北部的Preston,在倫敦有多年在TONI&GUY的訓練與髮型師經驗,也是倫敦時裝周後台為模特兒髮形設計的中流砥柱,她在之後到東倫敦的Shoreditch在獨立髮廊工作,已經搬到台北的她,歡迎想嘗試不同髮型或想有個性化髮型的妳即可預約喔。 🌟 妳只要在Excuse英國腔!的FB社團公開分享這集貼文,截圖並於本貼文留言,即可享有Nicola剪髮8折的優惠喔 ,名額只有五位! 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! Nicola comes from Preston, England. With many years of training and working for TONI&GUY, she was also a stylist behind the scene of London Fashion Week. She came working at an independent salon in Shoreditch afterwards. Now, she is in Taipei. For those who want to try different hairstyles or personalise your style, search no further! To the first 5 lucky ladies: You only need share this Facebook post publicly from the group, Excuse英國腔!, take a snapshot and comment below the post to inform the admin. The first lucky 5 ladies are entitled to a 20% off discount of a haircut with Nicola. Share it now and seize yours!

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