E52 | (國語) 興趣能當飯吃嗎? Tiffany & Co. 英國唯一手工雕刻師:來自臺灣的Ning被英國政府視為重要資產,以日漸失傳的雕金技術驚艷品牌總部 / 也獲得伊莉莎白女王獎學金/ 聽她一路如何實現夢想的故事

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你知道如果在英國Tiffany & Co.買珠寶💍有客製雕刻需求,你收到的雕刻全都出自一位台灣雕金師Ning的巧手及工藝!來自台中,她在台灣🇹🇼、英國🇬🇧與義大利🇮🇹受過珠寶雕刻扎實的訓練,具有日漸失傳的雕金技術,她讓珠寶客製不只是鑲嵌與簡單刻字,她也自創個人工作室,接受藝術品和客製化及教學需求,並拿到英國女王伊麗莎白獎學金,一起收聽她雕金的奇幻旅程吧!如在倫敦的朋友可以在6/22-29在Design Centre London參觀The Contemporary Craft Fair,Ning本人在26、27號會在現場喔! 🎫 參觀The Contemporary Craft Fair → 👑 Ning上Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST)最新一期雜誌封面 → 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! If you ever happen to purchase jewellery and have it customised from Tiffany & Co. in the UK, chances are you may receive your treasure engraved by a Taiwanese lady named Ning. Marvellous in her own right, she has solidly trained in Taiwan, the UK and Italy in jewellery making. She has a passion for Florentine hand-engraving from Italy. Beyond Tiffany, she has a studio open to customisation by request. She even received a scholarship from the esteemed Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), which supports excellence in British Craftsmanship. Shall we tune in at once to her extraordinary journey? 💍 To those pals in London, between 22 and 29 June, you are invited to the Design Centre London to visit the Contemporary Craft Fair, where Ning's works will be presented. And, if you are lucky, Ning herself will be present on 26 and 27 June!

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