E67 | (English) 炸魚薯條為何成為英國經典佳餚?/ 專訪你不可錯過位在倫敦超過50年的Fish & Chips餐廳(炸魚薯條)'Fish Central' / 二代經營Ziya推薦必點海鮮!

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創立於1968,二代經營的Ziya的叔叔來自賽普勒斯,在50年代初為謀更好生活移民到大步列顛,從此開創首都知名的炸魚薯條餐廳Fish Central;對於想品嚐美味炸魚薯條的饕客,Ziya說這道菜只有做對更不對的區別,食材的新鮮與菜單的不斷創新是他們屹立超過50年的勝利方程式。本集我也邀請到好友Chia-ying,親自到Fish Central實境體驗與品嚐他們家的招牌料理,她非常細膩地評價該餐廳的口味及服務。此外,想知道Fish & Chips為何成為英國的經典菜餚嗎?Ziya還推薦什麼經典菜?不可錯過,盡在本集Excuse英國腔! E67。 Fish Central的FB → 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! In 1968, Fish Central restaurant was founded by George, Ziya's uncle, who emigrated from Cyprus to the UK for better life in 1950s. It's become one of the most reputable restaurant offering fresh seafood including iconic British dish: fish and chips. For those who fancy tasting this dish, to Ziya, there are only two outcomes -- you either cook it right or wrong. The restaurant has long been keen on ensuring the freshness of their food and constantly expanding their menu -- a key reason of their over-50-year history. In this episode, I've also invited my friend, Chia-ying, in UK capital. She paid a visit to Fish Central, tasting some of their signatures and shared her feedback on her overall experience. Do you know why this dish has turned into the emblematic British icon? What does Ziya recommend? All in E67, Excuse英國腔!

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