15mins Live Podcast直播 - 酒吧裡用的慣用語 PART II Alcohol related idioms

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歡迎通勤家族週一晚上9pm,在Clubhouse上跟我與Peddy一同閒聊、練習英語!快加入 15Mins 通勤學英語直播室吧~ 主題: 大人的英語 - 酒吧裡用的慣用語 PART II?Alcohol related idioms Champagne taste on a beer budget - Someone who likes expensive things but can’t afford it. 香檳的品味,啤酒的預算- 這意味著他們喜歡昂貴的東西, 但他們買不起。 例句: Don’t listen to John. He has champagne taste on a beer budget. Drink like a fish – To drink like a fish means to drink large quantities of liquid, especially alcohol. 像魚一樣喝酒- 像魚一樣喝酒,就像喝大量的液體,尤其是酒精。 例句: Whenever I go to a bar, I drink like a fish. Water down – If you water down something, you make it weaker. 水加下去 – 效果變弱,味道變淡 例句: Don’t water down my whiskey with coke. I want to get drunk tonight. (Can/Can’t) Hold One’s Liquor - Be able to drink a large amount 抓得住/不住他的酒 – 能不能喝酒 例句: John can’t hold his liquor. He would pass out before we start drinking. Wet Your Whistle - Drink something 讓口哨濕潤 – 喝一點酒 例句: You cannot come to a bar and not wet your whistle. One for the Road - A final drink before leaving 一杯給路上 – 最後一杯就該走了 例句: It’s almost time for me to go home. Let me have one for the road.

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