iGEM CCU Interview Ep.2: AMP, Spreadsheets, Soap Operas

20-Minute Bio with Aiden Lo
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The iGEM team and I are back with another episode! This time, I invited 4 members each from the wet lab, dry lab, and human practice team to talk about their roles and how their products work! First, Leon and Plus give an in-depth explanation of their antibiotic alternative – AMP (2:37). Then, Gina discusses her work on coding/designing the team’s Wiki page (6:27). Lastly, Janet gives a rundown of CCU’s marketing, educational goals, and international collaborations, including their picture book and soup opera! (8:06)

The iGEM competition is an annual, worldwide synthetic biology event organized by MIT. In this two-part series, I've invited college contestants from National Chung Cheng University to discuss everything from the brainstorming process, their superbug antidote, and their extensive education campaign – which includes their very own picture book as you see on the cover! 

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