Nomad history story(3) Mongolic language group tribes In 2,000 B.C, one of the Mongolian language group tribe "Dong-HU" was the dominant tribe in the Mongolian steppe, this Dong-Hu state lasts for 1,000 years with capability to motivate 200,000 warriors at it's peak. In the beginning, Hun-Nu tribe obey Dong-HU's instruction. Hun-Nu tribe was from outside Mongolia, it's language doesn't belong to any of the 3 major native language group in Mongolian area. 200 BC, Hun-nu destroyed Dong-Hu and all other small tribes, unified the whole northern part of Asia, expanded it's territory to the West and the south. After many decades battles with Chinese HAN Dynasty, Hun-Nu was divided into Northern Hun-nu and Southern Hun-nu. The Southern part was merged and mixed with Han people. The northern part escaped from the war with HAN army and managed to move to the West. Some historian believe that they are the ancestor of King Atilla of Hun. After Hunnu escaped to the West, Mongolian steppe was empty again. Dong-Hu's decendents "Sien-Pei" came into power and controled the land. Sien-Pei' has many power families such as 'Muzon" family who established Yen Dynasty few times and also Tuyuhun kingdom in today's Ching-Hai area between China's Gansu province and Tibet. Sien-Pei's "Toba" family created Dai Lingdom and Wei empire who unified northern China in year 386-535, Toba's Wei empire were so powerful and it's nomad emperor decide to adopted to Chinese language writing and speaking at the same time and successful turn his empire from a nomadic nature to Han-Chinese authentic mainstream empire. After this emperor, Sien-Pei people became Han people, they change their family name from Toba or other nomadic name into Chinese family names so decade passed, no one knows who were nomad barbarian who were Chinese origin. From 4-8 Century, Turkic Khanate gains the controlling power over Northern Asia Continent. It stretch territory from Pacific Ocean to the East, and Ukraine and Krimea to the West. The distance was around 10,000KM and it's 7th Century. Can you imagine how it control it's territory? Mongolia was finally unified itself in 1206 by Chenggis Khan.Then he start his journey to conquer the world. He sent army to destroy Jurchen Jin Empire in Northern China, then he was angered by Khwarazm khanate who killed twice merchant group sent by Mongolian empire. Mongolian army came to destroy the Khanate and it's Capital Samarkent. Mongolian army continue to invaded to the West until the border of Poland and established Golden Horde Khantate on today's Russian land. In the Middle East, Mongolian army was stopped by Marmluk from Egypt but it conquered Baghdad, Damascus, Tiblici and established IlKhanate in the region. Central Asia was controlled by Changatei Khanate, Mongolia and Chinese land was controlled by Da-On Uls.Until 15 century, Ilkhanate, Chagatei KHanate were all destroyed by Temurid Khanate. Temurid Khan died on his way to conquer China's Ming empire. Today we are lucky to find 3 Million Mongolian people living in Mongolia, few other Mongolian tribes living in Russian federation, China's Inner Mongolian, Afghanistan, Tuva, Kalymakia, Buryatia Mongol . This is the general history of Mongolic language, I will later one by one tell you their stories.

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