1. United Nations officials warned that the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia is on the rise. In November last year, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared war on the The Tigray Liberation Front with air strikes and artillery shooting, armored forces attacked and so caused humanitarian disasters. So far, 950,000 of Tigray’s population of 5 million have fled to neighboring countries and regions, and the United Nations humanitarian aid cannot enter Tigray. 2. Last week, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navany returned to Russia from Germany and was immediately arrested and sentenced to prison. Anti-government demonstrations supporting him took place in various parts of Russia. Several Western diplomats participated in the demonstrations, those diplomats from France, Germany, and Sweden were expelled from the country by the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The heads of state of these countries expressed concern and expressed their unacceptability. 3. The Biden administration of the United States removed the Yemen Houthi regime from the list of foreign terrorist organizations to facilitate humanitarian assistance to the Yemen people. 35% of Yemen’s population is Shia, so it is not surprising that there are Shia militias. Years of civil war and the Saudi coalition's attack on Yemen Houthi have caused Yemen to face the world's most serious humanitarian crisis. 4. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran has received two million doses of SputnikV vaccine from Russia, and will start to vaccinate domestic medical staff and the elderly within a week. In addition, Iran has also purchased 4.2 million from the WHO COVAX plan. The AstraZeneca vaccine, delivered before the end of February, is believed to be very helpful to alleviate the domestic epidemic. Iran itself is also developing its own vaccine, but it is still undergoing the first phase of clinical trials and is expected to be available early this summer. Iran has 1.4 million infections out of a population of 90 million, and 58,000 people have died as a result. It is one of the countries with the worst outbreak at the beginning. 5. US President Biden has not yet called Israeli Prime Minister Natangyahu. Biden has served as a senator for 36 years and belongs to the middle camp within the Democratic Party. He does not lean towards the left or right. Therefore, his position in the Middle East is also biased towards the balance of central power. Compared with the past Trump unconditionally favored Israel and Saudi Arabia. , These former Trump allies must adapt to the new environment and situation.

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